Ecuador Juan Peña - Washed

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Origin: Ecuador

Region: Saraguro, Loja 

Producer(s): Juan Peña

Variety:  Typica

Altitude:  2100 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Washed Process

Flavor Notes: Blueberry + Lilac

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We are very excited about this coffee from award-winning producer, Juan Peña, the owner and operator of both Hacienda La Papaya and Cafexporto. He started out as a long-stem rose producer, but after his crops endured devastating weather damage, he turned his extensive agricultural knowledge towards producing coffee. Since his entry into coffee in 2010, his coffees have been used in many barista and roasting competitions, winning several awards and putting a spotlight on his dedication to quality and consistency both in his growing and processing practices. As his notoriety increased, he began helping neighboring farmers with their growing practices and started an exporting company, CafExporto, to help export and sell the coffees he and his neighbors produced. 

A few years back, someone from Cafexporto visited the roastery to talk with us and to share the story of Hacienda La Papaya. Our values are similar, and we are very impressed with Juan Peña’s vision of the future of the coffee industry in Ecuador. With his expertise as both an engineer and an agronomist, he is building up the quality of coffee of the producers near him and making a broader impact on the coffee in his community. His investments not only ease the labor of coffee production, but also make continuous improvements to the overall sensory quality of the coffees. For example, he has added an optical scanner to aid in sorting defects during processing and has installed sensors to measure soil nutrients in real time. There is an amazing amount of detailed work that goes into all of the coffees coming out of his farm, and the results are obvious upon tasting! These coffees are simply world-class.

We decided to book the same coffee processed two ways.  They are both of the Typica variety. This offering is fully washed-processed. Look for a clean and delicate cup with flavors of fresh blueberry, clementine, and lilac. It is juicy, bright, and tart. It is a really great summertime coffee and a great continuing producer relationship! Try it alongside the other offering, the Anaerobic Natural process, to experience what effect a different processing method can have on coffee from the same farm!

We have a very limited supply of this coffee, so enjoy it while it lasts.

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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