One of our company values is “Care for Planet - seeking to restore earth’s harmony.”  

We hold that it is our responsibility as a company to operate in a way that not only minimizes our impact on our world, but actively seeks to restore its harmony.  This involves a commitment to not only minimizing our waste output, but to actively seek out better solutions.   

We know that this is a continuum, and we will never reach a place where we have found all of these solutions.  Rather, we seek to continually slide along that continuum toward greater harmony with the earth.  

With this in mind, we want to point out some of the solutions that we have implemented.  

  • Our 6-ounce and 12-ounce bags are constructed in such a way that they are designed to break down in 3 years in many environments.  The bags are composed of one layer of polyethylene and one layer of paper.  A special enzyme is added to the polyethylene layer, plastic valve and zipper (which are the only other components) in order to begin the degradation process quicker than traditional foil bags in a landfill environment.  We chose these bags from PCKG in order to vastly speed up that degradation process. Hence, these bags can be safely disposed of in your regular trash!
  • We contribute to a local industrial organics recycling program, and compost as much as possible through it.  This includes all cups, lids, straws, sleeves, napkins, and pastry bags at the coffee bar, as well as all of our used coffee grounds and filters.  In the roastery, contribute all of our chaff (a natural byproduct of the roasting process).  
  • We also recycle everything possible, including all glass, cardboard and applicable plastics.  All of our shipping materials from our online store including boxes, kraft shipping tape, mailers and shipping labels are fully curbside recyclable!  
  • Small portions of excess green coffee are roasted and donated on a regular basis to nonprofits who serve the local community. 
  • All of our green coffee packaging (burlap and jute bags) are donated to local farmers/gardeners for natural weed control or commercially recycled (in the case of the plastic inner lining). 

Since 2019, we have diverted from the landfill about 6,916 pounds of compostable material and about 1,729 pounds of recycling material each year.  As the company grows, we aim to improve these numbers even more each year!