Colombia Ruby Urbano

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Origin: Colombia 

Region: La Union, Nariño

Producer(s): Ruby Urbano

Variety: Caturra

Altitude:  1600 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Washed Process 

Flavor Notes: Strawberry + Limeade

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with Matias Arrayete, the general manager of the Colombian coffee importer/exporter Cofinet. We are fans of the quality of coffee that comes out of Colombia historically, but the coffees we tasted from Cofinet were exceptional across the board. From tasting the coffees, it was clear that a lot of care and attention went into them, from their rare and experimental lots all the way to their more basic regional lots. After talking with them and learning about the company it was clear that this is a group that we wanted to support. Cofinet is run by a family of coffee farmers that have been in business for 80 years. The current  In 2015 they began exporting with the aim to further develop the specialty scene in Colombia and assist farmers in producing outstanding coffees that will guarantee a high premium for their hard work. The experimental offerings they shared were some of the most interesting coffees we have tasted, but ultimately, there was one coffee that we kept going back to when we thought about what coffee we wanted to offer, the washed Caturra from Ruby Urbano.

Ruby Urbano is the owner of El Diviso Farm. This particular lot is a single variety, Caturra. The Caturra variety is a naturally occurring mutation from the Red Bourbon variety discovered in Brazil between 1915 and 1918. This variety is notable because it has similar quality to Red Bourbon, but has higher yield, is less susceptible to disease, and grows shorter, making it easier to harvest. Because of Ruby’s strict ripeness and sorting criteria, a 30 hour fermentation period, and drying the coffee in a temperature controlled setting after washing, the quality of this coffee is exceptional. This results in a cup that showcases sweet-tart flavors of strawberry, peach, and limeade, with a big winey body upfront and a crisp and refreshing finish. This is a great example of an excellent washed Colombian coffee, perfect for enjoying either hot or cold as we move through spring and into summer!

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