We Are Now Backstory Coffee Roasters!


When Bootstrap Coffee Roasters was founded back in 2014, it was a tiny, wholesale and online - only operation with a twofold goal: to offer (1) sweet, clean, and impeccably roasted coffees and (2) really great wholesale customer support.

The plan was to bootstrap the company (i.e. start small and with no outside investors) and to intentionally grow slowly and organically, taking care to do things right at every step.  The name Bootstrap Coffee Roasters was chosen partially in order to reflect these beginnings.  

The name was also chosen, in part, to reflect all that it takes to produce great coffee.  Great coffee is no accident, and it requires both intentionality and hard work from everyone in the coffee supply network - from the producer at the farm, to the washing station staff to our importer friends to us.  By pointing to this, our aim was to foster an appreciation for everyone who contributed to these great coffees along the way.  So, the name was chosen from both the desire to celebrate the intentionality and hard work that it takes to produce great coffee AND as a nod to how we started as a small, scrappy startup company.

But in addition to this, great coffee also requires collaboration and connection between the many hands that contribute to it.  We realized that the name Bootstrap didn’t quite express this.  Moreover, after 8 years we really weren't that small, scrappy startup any longer.  We had matured as a company, added folks to our team, moved to a larger space,  and added a coffee bar in 2019.  We had really, truly, outgrown the name!

So, over time and after much consideration, it became clear that we needed a new brand name that reflected these changes and where we want to be moving forward.  We then began the renaming process - which we undertook carefully over a period of time.  

Through this process, we arrived at a name that pointed to our human desire for stories and their ability to foster understanding, and therefore, deeper connections between people.   

We are now Backstory Coffee Roasters! 

We aim to cultivate deeper connections between people by sharing our love of delicious coffee.

Every person has a story.   By getting to know these stories, we can understand and appreciate each other in a deeper way.  Thus, we create deeper connections.

Every coffee has a story.   By getting to know these stories, we can cultivate a deeper appreciation for delicious coffee and those who so carefully produce it.

Nothing is changing about the company structure.  We have the same ownership, the same team and the same great coffees (plus a couple new blends)!

We worked with Superwell Co-Creative on all things branding and design, and with PCKG to produce our new, custom 6-ounce and 12-ounce bags.   

We are looking forward to rolling out more brand imagery and merch in the coming weeks and months.  So, stay tuned for that! We are very excited about our new brand and this new chapter in our company’s story.  To everyone who has supported us over the last 8 years, you all are an integral part of our backstory.  And we can’t thank you enough! 

Much love and many thanks, 

The Backstory Crew


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