New Roastery and Coffee Bar Update

It's been a little while since we've updated you all on the progress of our upcoming roastery and coffee bar at 432 Wabasha Street South.  So many of you have been asking us when we'll be open, and we haven't really been able to give a realistic timeline.  Something always comes up along on the way which pushes the project back a bit.  We would always respond with:  "as soon as possible."  But as of this week, we're ready to announce that we are nearly there! 

We've posted snippets on social media, but wanted to give you all a deeper look into how this has evolved over the last half a year.  It's been fun to see the space slowly take the shape that we've been envisioning.  But it's also been a long haul and we're very, very eager to be operating from the new space and opening our doors to you! 

After about 3 months of waiting to get a permit from the City, construction began in mid-October of last year.  We had originally hoped to be open by Christmas!  A number of additions to the project became necessary that we didn't foresee (including adding a second restroom, adding a brand-new HVAC system, etc.).  Since things typically need to be done in a certain order, the whole project was pushed back significantly (and at an increase in the budget, too!).  The cold weather and record-setting snow of February didn't help matters any, either!

But we are now nearly done with construction, most of our equipment is in place, and we are so close to the finish line!  There are two steps remaining: 

  1. Moving.  In the coming 1-2 weeks, we plan to move our whole current operation into the space, get licensed, and start operating from there.  Once we do this, we will move from our current roasting schedule of Monday through Thursday (4 days per week) down to just Monday and Thursday (2 days per week).  With our new 20 kilo roaster, we are able to save time with increased capacity.  
  2. Opening.  Once we get our bearings in the new space and put the finishing touches on the coffee bar, we will open!  We anticipate this to be just a few weeks after moving. 

I wanted to share with you some photos of the space from the beginning of construction until now (nearly finished).  I've arranged them in chronological order so you can see the progression.  Enjoy!  

Thanks so much for all of your support along the way.  We can't wait to welcome you into the space very soon!  

Much love and many thanks, 

The Bootstrap Crew



  • Wow! I love these progress photos. The space looks outstanding.

    Molly Hale
  • Sooooo exciting! Can’t wait!

  • So excited and happy for you! Lots of hard work on your part.

    Becky Kolias
  • Awesome! May the force be with Bootstrap. —Kurt and Jenny Indermaur, Minnetonka

    Jennifer Indermaur

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