Rwanda Rugali Washing Station

Rwanda Rugali Washing Station

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Origin: Rwanda
Region: Nyamasheke, Western Province
Producer(s): 1150 smallholder farmers surrounding the Rugali Washing Station
Variety:  Red Bourbon
Altitude:  1550-2000m Meters Above Sea Level
Processing: Washed Processed
Flavor Notes: Buttered Caramel + Dried Mango


A few years ago, our relationship with the small Rwandan coffee exporter, Higa Coffee, began. You can read more of this story here. With their help, we have been able to source some unique and beautiful coffees from this land-locked coffee growing region. The coffees we've seen from these washing stations are among the best coffees that we have ever tasted from Rwanda!  They have become a real treat that we look forward to with the arrival of each year’s crop.

This washed-process offering comes to us via the Rugali Washing Station.  Here is a brief description courtesy of Higa Coffee:

"Rugali Washing Station is located at the shores of lake Kivu in the western part of Rwanda and is surrounded by hills. This washing station was built in April 2016 by Muraho Trading Company. Rugali CWS receives cherries from 1150 farmer families and employs five full time staff and expands to 180 seasonal workers during peak season. The station has been very supportive to the community around by providing agriculture technical support to farmers in order to add value to their coffees and sustain their farming businesses. In Rwanda, Rugali Washing station was the first to get official legal approval to produce Natural and Honey processed coffees. And coffees from this station have been used in multiple national and international barista competitions."

This coffee beautifully showcases a classic Rwandan cup profile. Look for buttered caramel, red grape, dried mango, and papaya alongside a velvety body. This coffee is sweet, balanced, and just plain enjoyable. If you want to have a little more fun, you should taste it next to our other offering from Higa, Kilimbi Washing Station, and compare and contrast how processing (natural or washed) can affect the flavor of coffees from similar growing regions!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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