Mexico Buenavista

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Origin: Mexico
Region: Mazatec, La Cañada, Oaxaca
Producer(s): Red 5 de Diciembre, Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón
Variety: Costa Rica 95, Obatã 
Altitude:  1650 Meters Above Sea Level
Processing: Washed Process
Flavor Notes: Honeycrisp + Caramel

As we move into early fall many of the coffee producing countries of Central America have their fresh crops arriving in the United States. This is an exciting time for us as we start looking for excellent coffees that showcase the flavors that each region produces. 

We have always had a soft spot for coffees from Mexico. It is the only coffee producing country that we share a border with (although, we do grow a very small amount in the US), but yet if often gets overlooked. In the 1970’s the government invested heavily in making coffee a big business, but after a few decades the markets collapsed, hitting smallholder farmers hard. Then in 2014 a leaf rust, called Roya, swept through the crops and decimated the harvests. Needless to say, coffee production has not had an easy history in Mexico, but that has not prevented farmers in the country from being able to produce some truly spectacular coffees!

This lot comes from an organization called Red 5 de Diciembre. They named themselves after the day they formed in 2014 after the Roya devastated their harvests that year. Since they started they have grown to over 1,400 indigenous producers. They have grown membership by showing the higher value that selective harvesting and improved processing brings to the crops. This year they partnered with a team that works closely with Crop to Cup, our importing partner with this coffee, to separate out their best lots. This particular lot comes from the town of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón in the Buenavista neighborhood, hence the name of the coffee being Buenavista. Although this is the first year they have separated their coffees like this, it will set the model for how to separate their lots for years to come!

After going through many hands, this coffee made its way to our roastery in Saint Paul. When we first tasted it we noted flavors of sweet and tart honeycrisp apple and a warm caramel flavor supported by a nectary body. These flavors have us thinking of the cooler autumn days to come, where a warm cup of coffee is a welcome companion to the crisp mornings. Enjoy!

Certified Organic.

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 
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