Colombia La Candela Farm- Anaerobic Natural Process

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Country: Colombia
Region: Antioquia 
Farm: La Candela
Altitude: 1500-1600 MASL
Variety: Castillo Rosario
Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural

It’s always exciting when one relationship opens the door to another one. It creates a broader, more vibrant world and one can be introduced to things they haven’t experienced before. There is an element of that with this coffee. While working with the Gold Mountain Coffee Growers out of Nicaragua, they mentioned that they had been talking to a small group of farmers in Colombia. These farmers were growing very high quality coffees with the same degree of care as they were, and were doing experimental processes that were getting some truly exceptional results. Because of their through-line of quality and care, Gold Mountain decided to help them import their coffees. After tasting them, we knew that we wanted to bring at least one of them to our lineup. Although they were all amazing, this one stood out to us.

This coffee comes from the Lotero Cano family. They are the third generation coffee farmers to own and operate the farm, La Candela. The part of the farm from which this lot comes was purchased 8 years ago. They have taken the opportunity to use this plot for some more experimental processes for their coffee cherries. With this lot, they seal the cherries in an oxygen free, or anaerobic, environment for more than 70 hours. Afterwards the coffee is dried on raised beds. This way of processing the coffee leads to a cup that is wild and tropical, with flavors of pomegranate, fruit cocktail, hibiscus and much more. After tasting the coffee for the first time, it was easy for us to say that this was among, if not the best, natural-processed Colombian coffee we have tasted! It is both intense and layered with subtle complexities. A coffee like this pushes the boundaries of what coffee can taste like and is something every coffee lover should experience. We were only able to get a limited amount, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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