Nicaragua Gold Mountain Maragogype

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Origin: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega 
Producer(s): 11 farmers from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers 
Variety:  Maragogype
Altitude:  1200-1400 Meters Above Sea Level
Processing: Washed Process
Flavor Notes: Clementine + Jasmine

Over the last five years, we have had the privilege of bringing in coffees from the amazing Nicaraguan group of farmers called Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. They were founded in 2002 by Benjamin Weiner who, while working on a thesis paper dealing with the economics of coffee growing in Nicaragua, decided to purchase a farm and join a cooperative. Shortly after becoming a member of the co-op, he became aware that farmers needed a more direct way to reach out to roasters and gain the needed profitability to have a successful coffee business.  Gold Mountain Coffee Growers was born out of that need. The group has since grown and developed into a social enterprise that connects farmers and coffee roasters while implementing a rigorous quality control program. The transparency they offer ensures that the farmers can earn a living income. They often say they are fighting poverty with quality coffee. They are so dedicated to their principles that they even bought a rainforest so that they could protect it! This is an example of a coffee group that is doing it right!

With this offering, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers chose eleven farmers to separate out the fruit of the trees of a single variety:  Maragogype. This is a unique coffee variety because of its comparatively massive fruit size and high cup quality. Although the fruit is so large, yields tend to be smaller than many other varieties. It’s also a challenge to grow, so it can be difficult for producers to get enough volume to offer as a separate lot. Some of the farmers in the group were only able to grow a few pounds worth of this variety to contribute! Because of these complexities and its unique flavors it has often been compared to the highly-prized Gesha variety and has been sought after as a rare treat in the coffee world. Maragogype was first discovered in 1870 in the Maragogipe municipality of Brazil, but has since found its way into most Central American coffee growing countries such as Nicaragua, where this was grown! It became favored for its characteristic delicate floral notes. When we tasted the coffee initially, we were excited about how, despite its massive size, it was so delicate in its flavors. We noted its juicy body with flavors of mango, clementine, honey, and a soft jasmine note on the finish. This coffee presents itself elegantly and its rarity makes it exciting. Let it cool a little to really let those flavors open up.  

These are the names of the eleven farmers that contributed cherries to make this lot.  The last name on the list is the farmer who runs El Divino Niño Farm (a recent past offering), which shares similar flavor characteristics to this coffee!

  • Juan Eliezer Gonzalez Gutierrez
  • Denis Jose Gonzalez Jarquin
  • Adela del Carmen González Reyes
  • Juan Eliezer Gonzalez Gutierrez
  • Moises Gonzalez Gutierrez
  • Jeyser Ramon Gonzalez Gonzalez
  • José Francisco Salgado Lanzas
  • Ernesto Benito Blandón
  • Juan Carlos Salgado Montenegro
  • Roberto Gutierrez Montenegro
  • Mario Vázquez (of El Divino Niño Farm)

All coffees are available in whole bean only.

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