El Salvador El Aguacatal Farm

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Region: Chalatenango, El Salvador
Farm: El Aguacatal
Farmer: Jose Engilberto Hernandez
Altitude: 1700 MASL
Variety: Pacas
Processing Method: Semi-Washed
Flavor Notes: Caramel Apple + Cranberry

This coffee comes from the Chalatenango region of El Salvador. For such a small country, it is well known in the specialty coffee world. The story of coffee has been an economic rollercoaster for the country. In the 1970s, coffee made up half of the country’s GDP, but after political unrest and a decade-long civil war, production became fragmented and the industry fell apart. Many farms were left abandoned - overgrown and unharvested. In the early 2000s, a coffee competition, the Cup of Excellence, drew the attention of the specialty world, as it showcased an overlooked region that had great potential for exceptional coffees. The region has rich volcanic soil thanks to its location on the Apaneca Mountain range. That rich soil is one of the reasons why these coffees have become so highly prized.

The microlot we selected comes from Jose Engilberto Hernandez, the owner of El Aguacatal Farm. Although he grows a few varieties, his main focus is on ones that are prized in El Salvador. This selection is of a single variety, Pacas, that was actually discovered in El Salvador in 1949. It is processed by a semi-washed process. The coffee is picked and depulped on the same day, before then drying. He has developed an interesting three-tier raised bed drying system wherein the coffee dries on the lower level for 4 days, 5-6 on the middle level and 5 days in full sun on the top level. During this time, the coffee is moved roughly every 15 minutes to maintain evenness. This process helps produce a sweet and creamy cup with notes of toffee, cranberry, green apple and kaffir lime. A coffee like this is the perfect compliment to this changing of seasons. Enjoy!

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