Colombia James Fernandez - Gesha Variety

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Origin: Colombia
Region: El Tambo, Cauca
Producer(s): James Fernandez
Variety:  Gesha
Altitude:  1750 Meters Above Sea Level
Processing: Washed
Flavor Notes: Lime Sherbet + Berry White Tea

We are very excited to offer this coffee from producer James Fernandez, owner of the La Laja farm!  La Laja is located in the El Tambo municipality in Cauca, Colombia.  Cauca is a region well-known for producing high-quality coffees. Over the years, we have seen a lot of amazing coffees on our menu from El Tambo, specifically. The farm consists of 5 hectares of land and the majority of the coffee being grown is of Castillo and Colombia varieties. James also grows some Gesha variety, which is separated out to create this lot. Once harvested, he lets the cherries soak and ferment for 12 hours, depulps the cherries, and lets the coffee dry-ferment for another 12 hours. Then the coffee is washed three times to remove the remaining mucilage and dried for another 10 to 12 days. 

The variety of a coffee cherry can have a big impact on the cup's final flavor. This offering is of the Gesha variety - also known as geisha - a highly desired variety of coffee.  Gesha trees are sensitive to temperature changes, which often leads to low fruit yields. But the flavor profile tends to be so unique, often showcasing delicate, tea-like florals, that the variety has become highly prized. Many of the most expensive coffees that have ever been sold are of the Gesha variety! The origin of this variety traces back to Ethiopia, near the village of Gesha. It is a landrace variety, meaning that it’s an old lineage of coffee and a specific region is known to have played a crucial role in its cultivation. A well-grown Gesha is a rare treat for any coffee enthusiast!

The combination of the unique Gesha variety, the special features of the growing region, and the great care taken in processing at the farm level, all result in a cup profile that is sweet, clean, and complex.  Look for flavors of lime sherbet, rosé wine, and blueberry-infused white tea, supported by a creamy body and a finish of delicate florals. These flavors point to the fresh and bright days that come with springtime. Since we only have a small amount of this delicious coffee, enjoy it while you can!

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