Brazil Terra Nova Farm

Brazil Terra Nova Farm

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Origin: Brazil 

Region: Três Pontas, Southern Minas Gerais

Producer(s): Danilo Mesquita and family

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Flavor Notes: Hazelnut Spread + Cranberry

This coffee comes to us from Terra Nova Farm in an idyllic refuge located in the South of Minas Gerais. The farm is run by hands-on owner, farmer, and agronomist Danilo Mesquita. For over 100 years and four generations, the Mesquita family has been refining its craft of growing and processing coffee in the region. Danilo has always prioritized environmental, social, and economic sustainability and constantly invests in modernization. These efforts have resulted in not only producing excellent coffees, but in providing a high quality of life for his workers. The farm is Rainforest Alliance Certified, an organization that monitors and guarantees sustainable and responsible agricultural practices. Because of its use of advanced irrigation systems and precision cultivation methods, Terra Nova won the Best Cocatrel Coffees 2023 award. 

Although there were a few other lots from Danilo Mesquita, we decided to go with this Anaerobic natural-process offering. This lot was the result of an experiment, so there was only a fairly small amount that was available, and we purchased all of it! During the drying process, the coffees are put in an oxygen-free container.  This results in some fun flavors! We find a cup that is rich and velvety with flavors of hazelnut, dark chocolate, and dried cranberry - very dessert-like. This is a delicious cup no matter how you brew it!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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